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Energized Angel Symbols. 49 energized cards (multilingual) by Ingrid Auer

Energized Angel Symbols. 49 energized cards (multilingual) by Ingrid Auer


Ingrid Auer: "The spiritual world provides you with new tools in the form of energized symbol cards. These symbols are not only a key to the subconscious but, at the same time, a key to the angelic world. The symbols can heal our souls and promote mental and physical health, bring harmony and strengthen the subtle bodies." 


The set consists of 49 energized Angel Symbol Cards (English/Spanish/Italian) with a small guide in a card box.

Gary Quinn, Best Selling Author, "May the Angels Be With You", "The Yes Frequency® A Simple System to Create the Life you Really Want", and Founder of The Touchstone for Life Coaching Program: "Ingrid Auer's ENERGIZED ANGEL SYMBOLS box is filled with amazing information about the Angel Symbols and Angel Essences that help individuals find their power, and answer many questions about life's expectations. This box set is a gem of great knowledge and wisdom!"

You can find the accompanying handbook at Energized Angel Symbols (ISBN 978-3-902636-41-6)

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