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Energetic Boundary - Angel Aura Essence 100ml

Energetic Boundary - Angel Aura Essence 100ml

AFFIRMATION: “I am protected from energy loss.“

This Angel Aura Essence is closely connected to the subtle-spiritual protection against energetic attacks and energy losses, which are the result of daily interactions with other people. The angel group Coruel, which provides the energies for energetic boundary, also helps with burnout, or energy leaks in the aura, the chakras, and a person’s non-physical field. 

Aura Essences

  • are sprayed into the electromagnetic field of the body, and can strengthen, cleanse and protect the aura energetically.
  • are aimed for daily use, but can also help with all sorts of energy work.
  • are particularly suitable for increasing and improving the energies in living areas, meditation rooms, schools, offices, sick rooms, cars or aeroplanes.

All Aura Essences by Ingrid Auer are based on the vibratory principle. They are NOT MEDICINES and do not replace doctors or medicines. Their sole purpose is to serve as harmonizers for the aura and chakras.

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